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the story of an entrepreneurial saga that began in France and expanded worldwide


DIMOTRANS Group is the story of a small transport company established in 1980, specializing in the distribution of Italian textiles between Italy and France. In 40 years, it has become a leading supply chain partner with global reach.

Bolstered by accelerated growth in the past 10 years, DIMOTRANS Group has always stayed faithful to its fundamentals: it is an independent French company that listens to its employees and is close to its customers.


dimotrans group over the years

1990 à 2000
2012 à 2015
2018 à 2020
image montrant le deuxieme logo Dimotrans

Calogero Pace founded DIMOTRANS, a company that ran a parcel/pallet delivery service to Italy and Spain


The year was 1980. Calogero Pace was an employee of a freight forwarder. With his entrepreneurial spirit, he decided to set up his own forwarding company, in Saint-Quentin-Fallavier near Lyon.


DIMOTRANS was born! The company’s name was inspired by its main customer, Dimotextile. It then became Distribution Moderne de Transport until 1990, when it readopted its original name of DIMOTRANS.


In 1990, the company had 30 employees and a single business activity: freight forwarding, specializing in imports from Italy.

panneau directionnel aéroport de lyon saint exupéry

First Overseas office at Lyon Saint-Exupéry airport


In 1993, DIMOTRANS moved into a new business: Overseas freight forwarding (sea and air freight).

Histoire dimotrans Group ouverture frontières européennes

Growth through Road and Overseas transport


Between 1990 and 2000, as Europe’s borders opened up and the transport sector consolidated, DIMOTRANS changed its strategy: the company diversified its business and expanded its geographical reach. Its sales grew from €5 million to €60 million.

Gestion entrepôt stock

A new logistics subsidiary and a stronger partner network


To remain agile and expand its range of services, DIMOTRANS developed its logistics expertise. In parallel, to meet its customers’ international requirements, DIMOTRANS reinforced its foreign network of partners and agents.

Portrait de Salvatore ALAIMO

Salvatore Alaimo became group Chairman


Salvatore Alaimo took over as Chairman of the group, and became its majority shareholder in 2007.

Historique des bâtiments de l'ancien siège de DIMOTRANS Group

Three Business Units: Global Transport, Logistics, Overseas


Between 2000 and 2008, DIMOTRANS took time to structure its business and optimize its organization. The group organized itself around Business Units and support functions (Human Resources, Finance).

image montrant le sixieme logo Dimotrans



DIMOTRANS’ subsidiaries merged into a single entity: DIMOTRANS Group!


While Europe was caught in an economic crisis that lasted until the 2010s, DIMOTRANS continued to diversify its core activities with the aim of serving its customers throughout the supply chain, from production to delivery. Its strategy was centered on customer service – a value deeply rooted in the company’s DNA since day one.


In 2008, the family grew its equity holding, securing the group’s autonomy and independence. And the management board’s members were shareholders too. Further support departments were set up in 2008 to structure Information Systems, Communications and Marketing.

certification oea

Dual AEO certification in safety and security


The group earned Full Authorized Economic Operator certification (simplified customs and security/safety processes). For DIMOTRANS Group’s customers, this guarantees a secure supply chain and reliable customs processes.

Implantations Dt China Dimotrans Group

China market entry via set-up of DT Asia


To continue its development, DIMOTRANS Group decided to establish a base in Asia, creating DT China. The Chinese subsidiary opened four offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Beijing, and soon enjoyed exponential growth.

Histoire changement logo dimotrans group

New logo


DIMOTRANS Group changes its logo!

Certification ISO 9001

ISO 9001 certification


DIMOTRANS Group has been certified to ISO 9001 since 2011 for the activities of the group and some of its entities.
ISO 9001 is a quality management system standard.

Photo du bâtiment d'accueil du siège situé à Pusignan

New HQ in Pusignan, near Lyon


  • 18,000 sqm of warehousing
  • 51 transit bays
  • 4,000 sqm of transit facilities
  • 2,000 sqm of offices
Histoire métiers société de transport international dimotrans group

A conquest-driven strategy


The company then experienced a further phase of development until 2015.


Its strategy? Support and serve its customers across every supply chain function.
During this period, the group conducted 15 external growth operations worldwide, but chiefly in Europe, North America and China; and enhanced its branch network coverage both in France and internationally (35 sites in France, 15 abroad). Its sales rose from €157 million in 2012 to €220 million in 2015.


This business diversification prompted DIMOTRANS Group to create two subsidiaries for specific needs: DT Project to manage outsized industrial projects; and CMA International, a full truck load haulage operator shipping imports/exports from/to Turkey and Greece.


This functional diversification was shadowed by sectoral diversification (now including industry, fashion & clothing, retail, aerospace, events…) with a worldwide commitment to customer service and satisfaction.

Colis expédition DIMOTRANS Group

Launch of E-commerce activity


In 2016, to supplement its BtoB logistics offering, DIMOTRANS Group moved into BtoC logistics with an e-commerce offering. The e-logistics activity was born.

Portrait de Jean-Luc Declas, directeur general de Dimotrans Group

Jean-Luc Declas appointed group CEO


In 2017, DIMOTRANS Group continued its upward trajectory with the arrival of Jean-Luc Declas as Chief Executive. His remit: continue to structure and develop the group.


His ambition: strengthen the group’s presence in its strategic core activities, expand its service offer and position DIMOTRANS Group as a leading supply chain operator in France.

Logo de notre filiale logistique e-commerce BSL

Acquisition of BSL and strengthening of French parcel/pallet delivery network


DIMOTRANS Group enhanced its e-logistics business by acquiring BSL, a logistics specialist since 1997. 

Logo filiale Asie DT Group

Continued Asian development; offices open in Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia


DIMOTRANS Group adapted ever more strongly to the world’s markets, meeting all its customers’ requests through new Asian offices – in Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore.

Image du logo de CRYSTAL Group

Acquisition of CRYSTAL Group


Further pursuing its ambition to be an alternative to the big groups in multimodal transport and contract logistics, DIMOTRANS Group strengthened its overseas and customs activities with the acquisition of CRYSTAL Group and its subsidiaries (including QUALITAIR&SEA), taking an 85% stake.

Camion SORETRANS spécialiste breton du groupage européen



DIMOTRANS Group strengthens its presence in the West region and completes its network of offices in the international road business.

Acquisition Duhamel par DIMOTRANS Group Salvatore ALAIMO

DIMOTRANS Group acquires the Duhamel Group


This acquisition is another step forward in DIMOTRANS Group’s development that further strengthens its position in the contract logistics segment.


merger of the activities of DIMOTRANS Overseas and QUALITAIR&SEA


Sixteen months after the acquisition of QUALITAIR&SEA by DIMOTRANS Group, the overseas and customs activities of DIMOTRANS Overseas and QUALITAIR&SEA will be combined from 1 January 2023.


This operation is part of DIMOTRANS Group’s global development strategy, which is strengthening its position in France by grouping each of its four business lines within specialised subsidiaries.

Portrait de Salvatore ALAIMO

Salvatore Alaimo, chairman


“DIMOTRANS Group has managed to preserve its family values despite growing exponentially – and that’s what makes it strong! Each employee knows their customers very well, and builds close relationships that are stable and long-lasting.”

Portrait de Jean-Luc Declas, directeur general de Dimotrans Group

Jean-Luc Declas, chief executive


“We have understood that what we do well today will not be enough tomorrow, so we are driven by a constant desire to learn and improve.”

The story of a name


Do you know the story of the DIMOTRANS name?


When Calogero Pace founded his small transport firm in 1980, its main customer was Dimotextile, which inspired the company’s name: DIMOTRANS (for Distribution Moderne de Transport).


The origin of this name disappeared in the 1990s when the group simply became DIMOTRANS!


Then in 2008, after a number of acquisitions, the company was renamed DIMOTRANS Group.

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bâtiment du siège de DIMOTRANS Group

our key figures

Teams and resources to serve our customers


DIMOTRANS Group has enjoyed steady growth for over 40 years. In its constant quest for excellence, our company allocates efficient resources to fulfil its mission: managing and shipping its customers’ goods, from and to all over the world.


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