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DIMOTRANS Group has one ambition: meet its commitments to its customers by developing the tools and expertise of its people, who are its biggest asset


Every day, we want to help drive our customers’ growth, supporting their projects and advancing with them.


This co-construction model centers on our customers being satisfied and our employees feeling fulfilled – because their constant dedication underpins our success.


At DIMOTRANS Group, we cultivate strong values: commitment, responsibility, solidarity and respect.


Our employees live these values daily, with the desire to build a unique relationship with their contacts that combines business know-how, passion and creativity.

Portrait de Salvatore ALAIMO

“We must break down barriers and go beyond the limits of habit and the familiar to seek out what is new. (…) We involve our customers in this innovation drive through the co-design workshops we hold with them.”


Salvatore Alaimo, chairman

dimotrans group

Portrait de Jean-Luc Declas, directeur general de Dimotrans Group

“With a full service offering based on the needs of our customers and partners, DIMOTRANS Group has become a leading provider of supply chain services. We owe our strength to the expertise and exemplary commitment of our teams, who ensure that our customers’ operations are properly fulfilled, every single day.”


jean-luc declas, chief executive

dimotrans group

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DIMOTRANS by your side


We are your close partner 


Our teams support you at every stage of your transport and logistics projects.


Together we co-construct the most innovative solutions, in a joint dynamic where each party makes their contribution to produce a comprehensive, efficient, high-performance project that matches your identity.


main sur tableau de suivi de qualité et de performance



QHSE policy: a performance driver at DIMOTRANS Group


DIMOTRANS Group has a centralized department of experts focused on efficiency in managing its QHSE policy and management system.


Health and safety


At DIMOTRANS Group, people are central


DIMOTRANS Group has allocated sufficient resources to ensure a safe and healthy work environment for all its staff and partners.


The group’s QHSE policy sets out its ambitions and objectives in the field of workplace Health and Safety, and primarily in preventing and controlling occupational risks.


bâtiment avec logo DIMOTRANS Group avec une camionnette devant



DIMOTRANS Group has adopted an ambitious CSR program


DIMOTRANS Group listens to requests from its customers and from society more generally, which are steadily moving towards greater responsibility and respect for people and nature.


Receptive to the requirements of its interested parties, DIMOTRANS Group is committed to blending performance and sustainable growth on a daily basis.


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