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DIMOTRANS Group has adopted an ambitious CSR program


DIMOTRANS Group is committed to sustainable growth


DIMOTRANS Group listens to requests from its customers and from society more generally, which are steadily moving towards greater responsibility and respect for people and nature.

Receptive to the requirements of its interested parties, DIMOTRANS Group is committed to blending performance and sustainable growth on a daily basis.

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This is why we have made social issues (fundamental rights, health, personal and business safety…), the environment (environmental protection) and economic issues (customer satisfaction, regulatory compliance…) central to our performance policy.


Our CSR charter contains all our ambitions and commitments.

Une A comprehensive, ambitious CSR charter


Our CSR charter covers all our ambitions and commitments in the social, economic and environmental areas.


It is built on six themes:

Health and Safety

Prevent and control occupational risks


Assess and control environmental impact

product safety

Preserving the quality of our customers’ products


Ensure the protection of personal data

security / AEO

Ensure the security and physical integrity of goods


Respect and ensure respect for the company’s core values


Prohibit bribery

Concrete commitments for the ecological transition


In signing a CSR charter, DIMOTRANS Group has embraced a strategy that is economically, socially and environmentally sustainable. All our teams are constantly seeking new Transport and Logistics solutions that are more considerate of people and the environment – a commitment shared by our staff, partners and customers, as well as the local authorities involved in it.


Some of our initiatives have been validated by certifications.

Engagements QHSE métiers transport et logitique

In parallel, we are always pushing further, especially to reduce our CO2 emissions. DIMOTRANS Group has thus introduced a set of principles to:


  • Ensure our equipment and facilities are reliable, and limit their environmental impact
  • Reduce our production of waste
  • Rationalize our energy consumption
  • Apply environmental criteria to the selection of subcontractors and suppliers
  • Guide our choice of technology


To do this, we encourage the introduction of best practices both in-house and externally, especially regarding goods transport.

For example, we are currently renewing our trailer fleets to optimize trips and cut carbon emissions. Likewise, we are optimizing and rationalizing our production of waste on logistics sites, and our Overseas business is paperless.


Some DIMOTRANS Group subsidiaries are also rolling out their own initiatives, such as CMA International optimizing flows and using eco-friendlier equipment.

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