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A group’s solidity and the agility of a mid-sized firm, geared to serving business

our purpose

Our priority: success for your projects


The go-to French operator for goods transport and logistics, DIMOTRANS Group is your dependable partner, able to satisfy all your needs involving: import/export, customs operations, national distribution, BtoB logistics and e-commerce.


A genuine multi-specialist working throughout the supply chain, DIMOTRANS Group operates with a consistent focus on quality and impressive adaptability.


Looking beyond our core activities, our true purpose is to contribute to the growth and development of each of our customers, offering them a value-adding service.

With and for each of them, we strive daily to build scalable solutions based on sharing and continual improvement.

With DIMOTRANS Group, companies can rely on a solid and recognized group, but also on a human-scaled partner able to forge close customer relationships.

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A multi-specialist with strong human values


Specializing in all supply chain functions, DIMOTRANS Group meets the needs of companies – from SMEs to international groups – that export or import all types of goods, providing multimodal transport solutions in France and worldwide.


Our group is a road haulage operator and multimodal freight forwarder. Through our people, we perform with a dedicated and responsible mindset all operations involving international consolidation and parcel/pallet delivery in France.


For air and sea freight shipping, DIMOTRANS Group relies on its specialist overseas freight forwarding teams, and also conducts all associated customs operations. The group also specializes in contract logistics, with experts in e-commerce logistics and BtoB logistics.


Entrepôt transport routier international

To meet our customers’ supply chain challenges, our staff in France and our partners worldwide combine receptiveness, business know-how and creativity


These strengths enable us to co-design with our customers the solutions that best fit their requirements.


With passion, dedication and an entrepreneurial spirit, all members of the DIMOTRANS Group ecosystem – employees, partners, agents, subsidiaries – join forces to help their customers perform their operations successfully.

Men and women who blend know-how and passion

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Since 1980, DIMOTRANS Group has relied on its teams to handle its customers’ most complex requests with professionalism. Every day, the group’s men and women apply all their business skills to design creative solutions that deliver fast, efficient responses.


With DIMOTRANS Group, our customers can count on a tried-and-trusted organization, extended by a solid network of partners in over 160 countries.

Our mission: meet your commitments 


The commitments you make to your customers are our commitments, too. To meet them, we strive to:


Provide you with appropriate, optimized technical solutions

Work alongside you throughout the supply chain

Offer you quality services at controlled cost, to satisfy you and your customers

And always keep our relationship direct, with very close contact 

Why choose DIMOTRANS Group?

A French independent operator

A complete range of goods transport and logistics services

International reach with a network of agents and partners in 160 countries

High proximity to our customers, with 80-plus offices throughout France 

An expert for over 40 years in the global supply chain

A pragmatic approach to customer service

Anticipation and responsiveness with very fast decision-making processeS

Strong values embodied by committed senior managers and staff

Histoire entreprise de transport DIMOTRANS Group

our story

A French success story


DIMOTRANS Group is the story of a small transport company established in 1980, specializing in the distribution of Italian textiles between Italy and France. In 40 years, it has become a leading supply chain partner with global reach.


Let’s look back at an entrepreneurial saga that began in France and expanded worldwide.


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