DIMOTRANS Group, a major transport and logistics operator


As an independent French company, DIMOTRANS Group has been supporting its customers for over 40 years with their operations: multimodal transport (by road, air and sea), customs, parcel/pallet delivery service in France, and logistics.

International Road Transport

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Parcel/pallet delivery in France

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Contract logistics

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DIMOTRANS Group handles all aspects of transport and logistics


With 40 years’ experience spanning the entire transport and logistics business, DIMOTRANS Group applies all its supply chain expertise to help customers achieve their development goals in France and worldwide.


A reliable, agile, high-performance operator, DIMOTRANS Group is a dependable freight forwarder that can manage your physical flows but is also a specialist throughout the logistics chain (stock management, full distribution network expertise, upstream/downstream shipping management, order preparation, consolidation, reverse logistics, etc.).

Métiers transport et logistique de DIMOTRANS Group

DIMOTRANS Group offers a range of services in:


DIMOTRANS Group can meet all your supply chain needs, from point of production to point of final distribution.

With you, our teams co-design tailored responses for each of your projects

métiers transport et logistique agent exploitation

Every day, our operations and support staff design and execute tailored solutions combining rigor, quality and responsibility.


DIMOTRANS Group builds the customer experience into all its operations, ensuring that both direct and end customers receive full satisfaction.


At DIMOTRANS Group, we value genuinely close relationships with our customers and partners, so that together we can design the solutions best adapted to each of your needs.


We are convinced that co-construction is one of the keys to future supply chain success, as it generates highly focused responses to challenges involving flows, stock reduction and resource pooling.

Proximité client accueil Dimotrans Group

Our local presence is our strength


DIMOTRANS Group strongly values its bond with each customer – and their satisfaction.


Our operations teams in over 80 offices throughout France go further to improve the service they provide, working receptively and responsively. This collective approach to continually improving our services and processes underpins our close, trust-based, long-lasting relationships.


Our differentiators


local presence




Skilled, committed operations staff!

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Marco Fusco takes over as General Manager of the DIMOTRANS Group’s courier business

This appointment was made in response to the need to consolidate the “courier” offer within the multimodal group DIMOTRANS, which also offers overseas, international road and logistics solutions.

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Barge transportant un cristallisoir hors gabarit sur la Saône

DIMOTRANS Group subsidiary DT PROJECT at the helm of an unusual transport operation

8.60 m high (the height of a three-storey building), 8.50 m wide and 18 m long – these are the dimensions of the exceptional convoy orchestrated by DT Project, the project division of DIMOTRANS Group.

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