Dimotrans Newsroom International road transport ROAD TRANSPORT IN GERMANY: entry into force of the increase in toll prices from December 1

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ROAD TRANSPORT IN GERMANY: entry into force of the increase in toll prices from December 1

Date de publication

01 December 2023

Maut Allemagne

The German Federal Government legally adopted the amendment to the toll law on October 20, 2023 regarding goods transport vehicles in Germany.


This reform contains a certain number of major regulations:


  1. The new toll rates for heavy goods vehicles will come into force on December 1, 2023 and will apply on all toll roads in Germany.
  2. In the future, the toll will be differentiated according to so-called CO2 emission classes. In CO2 emissions class 1, to which the vast majority of our new trucks belong (Euro 6 with 5 axles), the increase will be +83%. The toll is currently 19 cents per kilometer and will subsequently increase to 34.8 cents for this class of trucks.
  3. From July 1, 2024, trucks weighing between 3.5T and 7.5T, which were previously not affected by the levy, will also be subject to the toll.


The money collected will be reinvested in the railways with the aim of achieving added value of 30.5 billion euros from 2024 to 2027.
For information, other countries such as Austria, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Denmark are also considering a review of toll and road tax costs.

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