Dimotrans Newsroom group With consolidated turnover of €744m in 2021, DIMOTRANS Group confirms its ambitions in the supply chain market

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With consolidated turnover of €744m in 2021, DIMOTRANS Group confirms its ambitions in the supply chain market

Date de publication

10 May 2022


DIMOTRANS Group, an intermediate-sized French company specializing in multimodal transport and contract logistics solutions, has recorded strong growth in its turnover to reach €744m in 2021, confirming its position as a major player in the supply chain market in France.


DIMOTRANS Group is an independent, family-owned company that has been developing privileged partnerships with its customers and agents around the world for over 40 years.


The group has built a comprehensive supply chain offer combining international multimodal transport (road, air, sea), national courier services, customs, BtoB contract logistics and e-logistics.



Consolidated turnover was €744m in 2021, up from €396m in 2020, an increase of 87.9%.

On a like-for-like basis, this represents 66.2% growth in turnover.


Since 2012, the group’s turnover has increased by a factor of 4.8.


In terms of results, consolidated operating income almost tripled between 2020 and 2021, rising from €8.5m to €25.2m.


This growth is based on:

  • Sustained organic growth, outperforming the market
  • The successful integration of our many external growth acquisitions, the most significant being: Transport DUCROS in 2017 (national courier service), BSL in 2019 (e-commerce logistics) and Crystal Group in 2021 (overseas). The latter, acquired on 1 July 2021, illustrates this strong growth, with its consolidated turnover of €104m in 2020.
  • Finally, the Asia division (where the group currently has 10 subsidiaries) is a major contributor, with turnover increasing by a factor of 2.75 in 2021.  Growth in this geographic area results from several factors, including a sharp increase in business volumes, very high tariff levels, and the favorable impact of opening two new subsidiaries in Singapore and Malaysia.

It should be noted that the group’s leverage ratio is in the order of 0.5, meaning that it has the capacity to continue to finance its strong growth.


The significant share of transport commission in the overall business has also enabled the group to develop a very favorable asset-light model, allowing for strong investment in the quality and commitment of its teams, information systems, and the digital transformation of its processes.



The first quarter of 2022 continued on the same path as 2021, with good growth in business and solid results.

However, the evolving situation and in particular the tensions linked to the Ukrainian crisis lead us to be very cautious about the inevitable impact on the economy in Europe, if not worldwide, in the second half of the year.


We can nevertheless point out that the group is well equipped to deal with tense situations, having demonstrated its great resilience during the Covid crisis.



The next business plan, covering the period 2023-2027, will be presented in the last quarter of 2022.



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