Dimotrans Newsroom group DIMOTRANS Group strengthens its position in Brittany

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DIMOTRANS Group strengthens its position in Brittany

Date de publication

06 July 2022

DIMOTRANS Group acquired the company SORETRANS in Rennes on 1 July 2022.


DIMOTRANS thus strengthens its presence in western France, where the group has already been established since 2019 with its subsidiary BSL specializing in e-commerce logistics.


This new entity in Brittany completes the DIMOTRANS Group’s network of agencies in the international road groupage business in a region, Brittany, where we were not present,” says Philippe Bouvier, managing director of the Road Business Unit.


For Patrice Moriceau, founder and manager of SORETRANS since 1994, this transaction is an opportunity and a springboard for growth by providing access to overseas and logistics business.  He will thus be able to offer his customers a complete range of services in France and abroad.


A further contribution of €7m to the turnover of DIMOTRANS Group, which in 2021 achieved a consolidated turnover of €744m (Download the May press release here).


To learn more about SORETRANS:



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