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VAT reverse charging: new data service now online

Date de publication

21 February 2022


The new French online service Données ATVAI will enable operators liable for import VAT to access a file containing the key data allowing them to identify their customs declarations for imports, and corresponding to the amounts pre-completed in their CA3 form, for a selected reference period.


To access this new service, an operator:

  • must have a Prodouane account
  • must have linked the account with the Siret (business) number of their establishment
  • and must have had this account certified: for Prodouane accounts that have not yet been certified, certification can be obtained instantly and automatically with the Proconnect tool.


However, should certification not be possible using Proconnect, an operator who still wishes to access the Données ATVAI online service must complete the form that can be downloaded via the button below, and email it to: atvai@douane.finances.gouv.fr


For more details, do not hesitate to contact our customs department. Our teams are on hand to assist you with your formalities.


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