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War in Ukraine – Impact on international trade

Date de publication

28 February 2022



International flights:

Since February 27, France closed its airspace to Russian airlines, following on from numerous EU countries.


Air France has also temporarily suspended services to Russia and over Russian airspace, and will not operate its routes to Moscow and Saint Petersburg until further notice, “in view of the situation”.


Flights to Asian countries have been suspended temporarily until new flight plans are drawn up.



In addition, under regulation 2022/263 of February 23, 2022, restrictions and bans on trade with the Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts are now in force:

Article 2:

  • prohibition of imports to the EU of goods from these two oblasts (regions).
  • prohibition of the direct or indirect supply of financing and insurance services relating to imports of goods listed in the previous point. However, the regulation does contain some exceptions.

Article 4:

  • prohibition of the sale, supply, transfer and export of certain goods and technologies which can be used in the follow sectors: transport, telecommunications, energy, etc.

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