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Disruption at le havre port

Date de publication

13 October 2021



Global disruption of the sea logistics chain is having an impact on operations at France’s ports.


For several weeks now, disorganization at Le Havre port has been causing extensive difficulties for freight forwarders and shipping providers, with heavy disruption to our customers’ import and export operations. The quality of the container service has deteriorated markedly, particularly for outbound consignments. Ship dockings are constantly being postponed, thus delaying the start of receipt of dry or reefer containers at the terminal. 


The return of empty containers to shipping companies is also encountering issues; the main one being that these same companies are offering too few appointment slots.


Lastly, with imports, the arranging of appointments is also being affected, with a shortage of slots for shippers coming to collect their containers.


Our teams are trying to adapt daily, as the situation develops.


However, we advise our customers to plan their import and export operations as far ahead as possible.


The whole industry is mobilized; and our trade body, TLF Overseas, is doing all it can to find alternative solutions.


Your usual contacts will keep you informed of developments.

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