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Spain: road haulage faces risk of disruption

Date de publication

24 March 2022

Recent rise in fuel prices sparks major strikes in spain.


The war between Russia and Ukraine is destabilizing Europe’s economy, and in particular is causing energy prices to soar.

The recent increase in fuel prices in some parts of Europe has sparked large-scale strikes – affecting shipments in the DIMOTRANS Group network, and particularly in Spain. The situation has become critical in recent days.


Although Catalonia – the network gateway – has to date been less severely hit by blockages, pick-ups and deliveries are no longer possible in some regions because of the strikes.


Should the protests spread or continue, it will no longer be able to store flows in the Barcelona warehouses and we would be forced to ask you to hold on to them.


Similar situations could arise elsewhere in Europe.


We are in constant contact with our partner network, and will keep you informed of developments.

For information on your freight, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your usual contact.

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