Dimotrans Newsroom group DIMOTRANS GROUP partners with the NAMPIKKAI association to renovate a school in SRI LANKA

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DIMOTRANS GROUP partners with the NAMPIKKAI association to renovate a school in SRI LANKA

Date de publication

12 April 2022


Beyond the sporting event, Raid Amazones was also an opportunity for our group to establish a partnership with the association NAMPIKKAI (which means “hope” in Tamil) founded by KEDGE students.


Through this partnership, DIMOTRANS has helped fund the renovation of a school for children with disabilities.


The school is run by the NGO MARPAD (Mannar Association for Rehabilitation of Differently Able People) which entrusted NAMPIKKAI with fundraising.


Most of its pupils suffer from muscular dystrophy, autism or speech disorders. The NGO MARPAD enables them to attend class and also take part in organized activities and outings.


When contacted by NAMPIKKAI to ask for help in funding the renovation of the school, DIMOTRANS Group management responded positively and decided to finance the entire renovation project.


Our women’s team has also welcomed this project with great pride, giving added meaning to their participation and to the values they upheld throughout the race.


Find out more about NAMPIKKAI here:


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