Dimotrans Newsroom Domestic courier Marco Fusco takes over as General Manager of the DIMOTRANS Group’s courier business

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Marco Fusco takes over as General Manager of the DIMOTRANS Group’s courier business

Date de publication

07 February 2023


After a Master’s degree at ISTELI, Marco Fusco began working in the courier industry in 1995 with Transports GRIMAUD.


He joined DIMOTRANS Group in 2000 with responsibility for “international road” operations in the Rhône-Alpes region. He was only 26 years old at the time.


Talent doesn’t wait for years, and he was then entrusted with various responsibilities that made up the richness of his career: management of the “international route” agencies in Lyon and Paris, then commercial management and, a year later, the development of European networks.


In 2015, he took over the general management of CMA International, a subsidiary of DIMOTRANS Group specialising in full and part loads to Turkey and Greece.


In 2023, as part of the reorganisation of the DIMOTRANS Group’s business lines, Salvatore Alaimo, President, called on him to manage the “National Courier” business, which now comprises two entities: SUD TRANSPORT and HDUCROS.


This appointment was made in response to the need to consolidate the “courier” offer within the multimodal group DIMOTRANS, which also offers overseas, international road and logistics solutions.


Today, the “courier” activity represents a workforce of three hundred people spread over twelve agencies throughout France.

throughout France. It also relies on a network of more than eighty local partners, all specialists in their department.


Marco Fusco’s role will be to strengthen a capillary presence on the domestic side and to develop certain added value products. He will be able to count on the commitment of the teams in place to carry out this mission.


His objective is also to restructure the subsidiary by adding new skills, to bring the organisation towards agility by digitalising processes.


“The choice of Marco Fusco to manage this subsidiary was a natural one,” says Salvatore Alaimo. “His operational and commercial experience, his proven management skills and his high standards make him the ideal profile to manage an activity that requires a good knowledge of the field, rigour and a strong character.”


For CMA international, Mickael Llorca, Director of the CMA International agency in France, is taking over the management of the three entities in France, Greece and Turkey.


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